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From the comfort of your home and learn:
  • Why the future of the World is Asia?
  • What the effects of Covid-19 will be on CPEC & Gwadar?
  • The New Gwadar Masterplan 2020
  • ​Why the cities population is projected to balloon to 2 million people?
  • ​How you can earn 200%+ anticipated returns from an investment as low as $16,875
For every plot you buy this Ramadan we will distribute a 1 month ration pack to 100 vulnerable families in your name or any family member of your choice.
Make an investment for your families future whilst looking after families most in need.
The New Gwadar Smart Port City
Masterplan 2020
What is the New Gwadar Smart Port City Masterplan 2020?
The eagerly anticipated New Gwadar Masterplan is a 74 page document created by the Governments of China and Pakistan over five years at a cost of $4 Million.

The document outlines the growth of Gwadar from where it is today to become a bustling city of two million people with a $30 Billion GDP.

CPIC have an undertaken an extensive analysis of the 74 page New Gwadar Masterplan 2020 and created a user friendly overview of the Masterplan especially for our valued clients. Download your free copy now.
Download your FREE copy of CPIC's Essential Guide of 
Gwadar's New Smart Port City Masterplan 2020
What you will learn:
  • Population: 2 Million
  • Pakistan's 1st: Tax Free & Weapon Free City
  • ​​Economy: $30 Billion Per Annum
  • ​Employment: 1.2 Million high paid jobs
  • ​​Lifestyle: Luxury Resorts, Waterfront Golf Courses and Shopping Malls
  • ​Development: New Central Business District
  • ​​Travel: Gwadar International - Pakistan's Largest Airport
  • ​Infrastructure: $1 Billion in water desalination and $6 Billion in power generation
  • ​Goal: To become the Trade, Tourism & Investment Hub of South Asia.
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