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Key highlights of the new Gwadar Master Plan:
  • ​2 million population*
  • ​$30 billion economy
  • Third largest city in Pakistan by economic output
  • $15,000 GDP per capita - 1,000% of Pakistan's average
  • ​1.2 millions jobs
  • ​250,000 homes
  • ​More trade through its port than Karachi, within this decade
  • ​Pakistan's first tax and weapon free city
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    Learn more about the New Gwadar Masterplan
    News item about the Gwadar Master Plan -  Video language in Urdu
    Gwadar is destined to become the new Dubai and Shenzhen. The emerging port city is already an important link between China and the markets in Central and South Asia on both political and economic grounds. Gwadar is pivotal to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and will help Pakistan find new prosperity and wealth in the years to come. 

    A new central business district, $5 billion investment into power plants, $1 billion into water desalination plants, tourism zones, industrial parks, shopping malls, luxury resorts, waterfront golf courses and more, all within Pakistan’s 1st weapon-free and tax-free city.

    Gwadar is set to be South East Asia’s new hub for trade, tourism and investment. The new international airport, mega new power plant, tax free zone, and LPG terminal are all proof that this is all well and truly underway.  

    The Gwadar Master Plan creates a new vision to transform the port city to a prime destination for tourism and trade.
    Key highlights from the Gwadar Master Plan
    Gwadar’s population to reach over 2 million
    Become the third largest city in Pakistan by economic output
    GDP per capita to explode to $15.000, 1000% of Pakistan’s average
    Up to 1.2 million jobs and over 250,000 households to be created
    Pakistan’s first weapon and tax free city
    Economy of the city to hit $30 billion
    Gwadar seeing more trade through its port than Karachi within this decade
    South Asia’s leading hub for travel, tourism, manufacturing, trade and investment
    Introducing the China Pak Golf Estates Project
    Pakistan's first luxury golf course development worth $265 Million, CPGE will deliver Gwadar's most luxurious living experience. Secure and gated, its tailor-made for professionals, and provides all of the amenities needed for a high quality lifestyle.

    CPGE is set to become the most desirable address in Gwadar.
    • Why Gwadar is destined to be a “new Dubai” and “new Shenzhen”
    • How a thriving economy will boost trade and tourism in the area
    • ​Expected returns on investing in residential and commercial land in Gwadar
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