CPIC's Essential Guide of Gwadar's New Smart Port City Masterplan 2020
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    What is the Gwadar New Smart Port City Masterplan 2020?

    The eagerly anticipated New Gwadar Masterplan is a 74 page document created by the Governments of China and Pakistan over five years at a cost of $4 Million.

    The document outlines the growth of Gwadar from where it is today to become a bustling city of two million people with a $30 Billion GDP.

    CPIC have an undertaken an extensive analysis of the 74 page New Gwadar Masterplan 2020 and created a user friendly overview of the Masterplan especially for our valued clients. Download your free copy now.

    What you will learn:
    • Population: 2 Million
    • ​Pakistan's 1st: Tax Free & Weapon Free City
    • ​Economy: $30 Billion Per Annum
    • ​Employment: 1.2 Million high paid jobs
    • ​Lifestyle: Luxury Resorts, Waterfront Golf Courses and Shopping Malls
    • ​Development: New Central Business District
    • ​Travel: Gwadar International - Pakistan's Largest Airport
    • ​Infrastructure: $1 Billion in water desalination and $6 Billion in power generation 
    • ​Goal: To become the Trade, Tourism & Investment Hub of South Asia.
    Key highlights from the Gwadar Masterplan
    Gwadar’s population to reach over 2 million
    Become the third largest city in Pakistan by economic output
    GDP per capita to explode to $15.000, 1000% of Pakistan’s average
    Up to 1.2 million jobs and over 250,000 households to be created
    Pakistan’s first weapon and tax free city
    Economy of the city to hit $30 billion
    Gwadar seeing more trade through its port than Karachi within this decade
    South Asia’s leading hub for travel, tourism, manufacturing, trade and investment
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